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Fall Is On The Horizon!

As the cool air sail in and begin to settle, it changes colors and climates all around us.

The climate changes can affect our muscles and bones, thus having an impact on our behavior as well. Staying active and enjoying outdoor activities is most important during this transition period and a great way to keep you balanced. The sunshine is less, so take extra precautions with the lessening of our natural D3.

Take the color changes as a beautiful gift, the ruby reds, golden ambers, and pumpkin orange, as they bask in the rays. Take time to enjoy them, for they are comforting and welcoming you to Fall! 

Fall is a fall in temperatures, a falling of leaves, a time of good hunting, an opening of crafting, and a season of Thanksgiving!

Tranquil Turtle Massages are an affective way to help you get from one activity to your next outdoor adventure.