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Collection: Plasma Fibroblast Tightening

Plasma Skin Tightening uses a completely different principle of treating the skin. Instead of modifying the structure of the tissue like in microneedling, where we use the sublimation process (the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas state, without passing through the liquid state)to treat the excess amount of tissue, by creating a tightening effect with plasma. Fillers are injected filling the skin to make wrinkles less visible. This approach is not ideal since these are chemicals whose long-term effects are still not certain and there is negative opinions on them. Plus, after a while they affect your look. Plasma Skin Tightening uses no products on the skin, we only get rid of excess skin and make it look rejuvenated by stimulating the fibroblasts to create collagen in the skin.

* Schedule any Plasma Fibroblast Tightening and receive HALF Off of another Plasma Fibroblast Tightening of equal or lesser value if completed in the same session!! 
*To achieve desired goals you may need to have 2 to 3 treatments for the procedure areas. You second and 3rd treatments will be half off if scheduled in advance at your 1st treatment.
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