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CDA Microblading

We use an Organic, Iron Oxide Free, Insoluble, and Non Toxic line of pigments to draw in fine hair lines. The ending results leave you with fuller brows you'll be excited to have for a long time to come. Depending on how well you keep your brows protected, Microblading touch ups can be done 12 to 18 months out.

After your 1st session you will need another microblading touch up 5 weeks out. The 5 week duration will consist of allowing your brows to heal and settle into their natural state and lighten up. This will be the perfect opportunity for you to note any changes you'd like in the color or shape of your brows, as they will lighten up a bit. 

There are certain conditions that may prohibit you from being a great candidate for this procedure which may include: 

Those taking Accutane

*Avoid taking blood thinners such as fish oil, vitamin E, Aspirin, Advil, Motrin Ibuprofen, alcohol & Caffeine 2 days before permanent cosmetic procedure.

You must give CDA Microblading a 48 hour cancellation notice to reschedule*








*No show fee 50% of service.