4 Hour Couples Honu Infusion Retreat Workshop


4 Hour Couples Honu Infusion Retreat Workshop

If you and your companion just can’t get enough of our signature Honu Infusion Touch Massage, now you can enjoy it with one another at home. Our 4 hour one on one Honu Infusion Retreat is an excellent way to gain knowledge and skills to give one another at home for healing and relaxation.

*Must be booked in advance, as supplies are limited!

*Includes a complete set of hot stones , a hot stone warmer, 1 thermometer, 1 bottle of oil, and your certificate of completion.

*Bottle of water and snacks provided during the Honu Infusion Retreat Workshop.

Original price was: $740.00.Current price is: $600.00.

**For any massage requesting extremely deep pressure, an up-charge of $20 may be applied